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B.N. Campus

The second campus of the Institute at Salt Lake, consists of the Office of the Additional Director including various administrative units, the Department of Microbiology, the Department of Microbiology, the Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition, the Department of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Science, including various laboratory associated with the above departments, the international Hostel, the Guest House, the Eco-Garden, the residential Units, etc.

The picturesque and state-of-art Bidhan Nagar Campus of the Institute is situated in JC Block (27 & 27B), Salt Lake, Sector III, Kolkata 700098, of Bidhan Nagar corporation area. The total area of this complex is 10.86 acres. The campus comprises of the institutional block, Guest House, International Hostel, residential quarters, lush green compound and a wide parking area, including a few garages. The Institutional Building houses Additional Director’s Office and four Departments, namely, Epidemiology, Biochemistry & Nutrition, Microbiology, and Sanitary Engineering.

In order to accommodate the increased intake of students, create more facilities for the students and expand the teaching and other activities of the Institute, the foundation stone of the Bidhan Nagar Campus was laid in 1994 by Shri A. R. Antulay, the Hon’ble Minister of Health & Family Welfare. The campus has become partially functional since 2010 with shifting of the four departments and fully functional since 2013 with the establishment of the administrative unit there.

The Additional Director is the administrative head of the campus and he works under the Director of the Institute and looks after the day to day administrative activities & ensures administrative support to the four departments for their smooth functioning.

Academic Set-up
The academic set-up of the different departments operating in the B.N. Campus is given in the report of the department under the respective departments.


Institute Building
The main administrative cum Academic building houses the Director’s room, the Additional Director’s room, the administrative offices, caretaker section, store section, transport section, one seminar hall, one library room, two conference rooms apart from the classrooms, faculty rooms & laboratories allotted to the four academic departments; Epidemiology, Biochemistry & nutrition, Microbiology, & Sanitary department.

Staff quarters
Block A, F, G & H constitute staff quarters. Here we have two duplex quarters, A-1 & A-2 for the Director & Additional Director respectively.

MOH&FW Regional Office
Block C houses MOH&FW office for which maintenance & repair work is done by CPWD from AIIH&PH fund.

Gents Hostel & Ladies Hostel
The campus has Gents Hostel & Ladies Hostel with adequate facilities.

International Hostel
It has 11 double bedded rooms & 09 single bedded rooms.

Guest House
It has 2 red suites, 2 grey suites, and 3 double bedded rooms.

Water treatment plant
There is a plant with two deep tube wells with the facility of the iron removal.

One jumbo generator set
It acts as back-up in the event of a power cut

Contractual canteen
Canteen serves foods for the employees, students & guests.

Biomedical waste disposal
A pit is constructed as per WHO guidelines.

Eco garden
Eco garden is constructed to strengthen eco-friendly environment of the Institute.

Courses conducted by the Departments in B.N. Campus
Please see the reports of the different departments.