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Rural Health Unit & Training Centre, Singur

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Rural Health Unit & Training Centre (RHU&TC), Singur is the rural field practice area of AIIH&PH. It is located at Singur Community Development Block in Hooghly district of West Bengal, about 40 km from Kolkata. The centre was established in the year 1939 as S.N. Mallick Maternity Home and Model Health Unit as a joint enterprise between the then Government of Bengal and the International Health Division of Rockefeller Foundation. The administration of this unit was transferred to the Government of India and it became a part of the AIIH & PH in 1944. Student Hostel, Office Building, Public Health Laboratory and Union Health Centres of Anandanagar and Nasibpur were established in 1956. Sub centres at Nasibpur, Paltagarh and Balidipa were also established in 1956. Presently the service area of RHU&TC caters 64 villages and covers almost 1/3rd of the Singur block and provides Comprehensive Primary Health Care services to around 1 lakh population of the catchment area through its 2 Primary Health Centres, 5 Sub-centres and 12 Health Units.

This is the first Rural Health Unit & Training Centre in India, which contributed to the “Bhore Committee Report (1946)” which laid emphasis on integration of curative and preventive medicine at all levels and development of Primary Health Centres.

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