Achievements 2018-19

All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Kolkata
  1. Brief Introduction: All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health, Kolkata has been a Pioneer Institute of its kind in India, dedicated to teaching, training, and research in various disciplines of Public Health and allied sciences to ensure capacity building in the area of Public Health. The teaching, training, and research at AIIH&PH have the unique support of its field laboratories, namely, Urban Health Unit and Training Centre (UHU&TC), Chetla and Rural Health Unit & Training Centre (RHU&TC), Singur.
  1. The wider canvas available to the Institute has been signified not only by its field laboratories, but also by the diverse disciplines such as Biochemistry and Nutrition, Epidemiology, Health Promotion and Education, Maternal and Child Health, Microbiology, Occupational Health, Public Health Administration, Public Health Nursing, Environmental Sanitation and Sanitary Engineering, Preventive and Social Medicine, Behavioral Sciences, and Statistics operating here.
  1. Budget: The Institute has a total budget allocation of 68.10 Crore.
  1. Manpower: The Institute has 50 Group-A, 9 Group-B and 367 Group-C officials against the sanctioned posts of 85, 32 and 556 respectively, including 6 PWD officials.
 5.  Targets & Achievements during 2018-19.
Sl. No. Targets Achievements
(1) Conducting the following MCI Recognised PG Courses. (A)   MD (Community Medicine) – A three-year course. (B)   Diploma in Public Health – A two-year course. (C)   MPH (Epidemiology) – A three-year course introduced w.e.f. 2016-19.   It is a continuous process. During the year all the courses have been conducted successfully.  
Note:    Diploma in Industrial Hygiene (DIH) and Diploma in Maternal Child Health (DMCW) Courses recognized by MCI have been suspended since 2013-14 because of a legal flaw created by MCI.
(2)     Conducting the following NON-MCI PG Courses. (A)   M.Sc. in Applied Nutrition (2 yrs.) (B)   Master in Veterinary Public Health (MVPH) (2 yrs.) (C)   Diploma in Health Promotion and Education (1 yr.) (D)   Diploma in Dietetics (1 yr.) (E)    Diploma in Health Statistics (1 yr.) (F)    Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management (PGDPHM)-(1 yr.)   It is a continuous process. During the year all the courses have been conducted successfully.      
(3) Conducting Short Courses/ Training Programmes for Capacity Development in the field of Public Health. 9 programmes have been conducted.
(4) Conducting skill based specialised short courses / training programmes: (A)     General Duty Assistant Course; Duration: 6 Months (B)     Diabetes Educator; Duration: 2 Months (C)     Dietetic Assistant; Duration: 5 Months (D)     General Duty Assistant; Duration: 6 Months (E)      Home Health Aide; Duration: 5 Months (F)      Sanitary Inspector: Duration: 10 months During the year, 108 trainees have been trained under different skill based training programmes and 11 are undergoing the training.  
(5) Conducting Workshops/ Seminars/ Awareness Programmes to strengthen Public Health and Public Health System. 52 such programmes were conducted.
(6) Conducting Research/Short-Studies in the field of Public Health 155 research / short- studies conducted  
(7) Contributing important papers/articles in accredited journals. 49 articles / papers contributed to different journals.  
(8) Regular publication of E-journal of the Institute, namely, Indian Journal of Hygiene and Public Health (ISSN No. 2455-1813). Regularly published.
(9) Undertaking Primary Health Care Services at Anandanagar, Primary Health Care Nasibpur, Balidipa, Diarah, Dewanvery, and Paltagarh under Services provided as RHU&TC and UHU&TC, Chetla. Primary Health Care Services provided as per schedule /norm.
(10) Operating Nutrition, Tuberculosis, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Adolescent Health, School Health, Lifestyle Modification, Health Promotion Clinics at RHU&TC, Singur / UHU&TC, Chetla as per schedule.   Operated on specified days.
(11) Undertaking various activities under NHM Programmes with special emphasis on Immunisation, HIV/AIDS, NLEP, NVBDCP, RNTCP, NPCB and IDSP. Undertaken as per NHM Schedule  
(12) Attending EMR duties as and when required. 16 Experts attended EMR duties in Kerala, MP, Orissa, etc.
(13) Attending high-level Conferences, Seminars, etc.   Different faculty members attended various such events  
6. New Initiatives

6.1   Introduction of new courses: Three new courses, namely, M.Sc. in Public Health (Occupational Health), M.Sc. in Public Health (Health Promotion) and M.Sc. in Public Health (Maternal and Child Health) are going to be introduced from the session 2019 21. MOH&FW has accorded the permission for the introduction of these courses and the process of getting affiliation with the WBUHS is underway.

6.2  Creation of VPH department: A Proposal for creating a Veterinary Public Health Department in AIIH&PH, Kolkata, submitted earlier, is under active consideration of the MOH&FW.

6.3   Conversion of DOS into DHS&I: The proposal of converting the Department of Statistics into the Department of Health Statistics and Informatics, submitted earlier, is under active consideration of the MOH&FW.

6.4     Digitization of Family Data: In order to digitize the public health services at RHU&TC, Singur, a special drive to digitize the family records of all the 64 villages under the RHU&TC, Singur, initiated earlier, has been completed to facilitate better service/monitoring.

6.5  Introduction of AEBAS: Aadhaar based biometric attendance system has been made operational in the Institute.

6.6    e-Office: Implementation of e-office in AIIH&PH, Kolkata is under progress.

6.7   Solar Energy: For the installation of Roof Top Solar Projects at our main campus, B. N Campus , UHU&TC, Chetla and the hostel of the main campus, an MOU has been signed and the equipment received. The installation is under progress.

7. Other  Achievements

7.1    To strengthen the public health system through awareness programmes on various issues relating to public health, during 2018-19, the Institute has organised 26 awareness programmes.

7.2 The Institute participated in high level deliberations. For example, Dr. Aparajita Dasgupta, Director-Professor, Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, AIIH&PH, Kolkata participated as an expert in the standardization of Training Material for the training course on Management of Public Health Emergencies for District Health Officers at NIHFW, New Delhi.

7.3  The Institute provided technical support to important bodies on various issues of public health. For example, the Institute has provided technical inputs on “Impact of Air Pollution on Human Health” to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

7.4  The Institute has been functioning as an International Centre for Yellow Fever Vaccination for travellers of yellow fever-endemic areas since the initiation of the Programme of vaccination by the WHO. On the average, 600 to 700 travellers are getting vaccinated annually at the centre. Recently, OPV has also been included under the vaccination scheme as directed by the GOI.

7.5 The Institute has been functioning as Drinking Water Portability Testing Centre as per international guidelines.

 8. Celebration of Foundation Day

8.1    The 87th Foundation Day of AIIH&PH, Kolkata was celebrated on 11.01.2019 wherein Professor (Dr.) Rajendra Pandey, Vice-Chancellor, WBUHS graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The main theme of the Scientific Session was “One Health for Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases.”


A.I.I.H. & P.H., Kolkata