General Information

About the Library

1. Introduction

All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health has one of the premier reference libraries on public health sciences. The library has been identified as Regional Medical Library in the Eastern Region by D.G.H.S, and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

2. Membership Rule

  1. Library membership is limited to the students and staff of the Institute only. However, research scholars and faculty members of other institutions can use the library as a reader only under special permission.
  2. Members are responsible for books issued against their library cards.
  3. Members are supposed to carry their ID cards while using the Library.

3. Total no. of Books: 28247

4. Total no. of Journals: 

The Institute library has subscribed to 106 Journals. It also receives 25 complimentary journals.

5. Research Papers/Reports/Annals/Theses: 9386

6. Facilities

  1. A Large READING Section is exclusively provided for the users.
  2. Sufficient computer facility with internet browsing and e-journals access has also been provided.

7. Budget for the library (2014-2015)

Total 14 lakh [Plan : 6 lakh; Non-plan : 8 lakh].