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Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the executive body of the Institute which deliberates and decides all academic issues including the support services for the academic activities. Dr. R. N. Chaudhuri, Director, AIIH&PH is the Chairman of the Council and Prof. A. K. Verma, Director-Professor and HOD (Statistics)  is the Member Secretary. All Head of Departments/Centres and Additional Director, In-charge of the Administration and Additional Director, In-charge of the B. N. Campus are members of the Faculty Council. In general, the Council meets every month.

The present composition of the Faculty Council is as follows:

Sl.   No.
Dr. R. N. Chaudhuri
Director & Chairman
Prof. A. K. Verma
Member Secretary and HOD (Statistics)
Dr. P.R. Biswas
Member and Additional Director
Dr. U. K. Chattopadhyay
Member and HOD (Microbiology)
Dr. Madhumita Dobe
Member and HOD (Health Promotion and Education)
Dr. Debnath Chaudhuri
Member and HOD (Bio-Chemistry & Nutrition)
Member and HOD (Sanitary Engineering)
Dr. Sudarsan Mondal
Member and Additional Director (Bidhan Nagar)
Dr. Aparajita Dasgupta
Member and HOD (Preventive and Social Medicine)
Dr. R. N. Sinha
Member and HOD )Maternal Child Health)
Member and HOD (Public Health Nursing)
Dr. Debasis Dutt
Member and HOD (Epidemiology)
Dr. N.N. Naskar
Member and HOD (Public Health Administration)
Dr. Alok Vajpayee
Member and HOD (Occupational Health)
Dr. D. Bhaumik
Member and OC, UHU & TC, Chetla
Dr. S. C. Mondal,
Member and OC, RHU & TC, Singur

All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health