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Department of Microbiology


1. The department of Microbiology, AIIH&PH, Kolkata is probably the First Institute/College having a separate Microbiology Department in India.  It was established in the year 1931 when Prof. K.V. Krishnan was the Head of the Department.

2. The Department of Microbiology is concerned with the study of fundamental Microbiological, Immunological and Entomological problems relating to infectious diseases and with Public Health Laboratory services.  Besides the teaching of all the courses run by the Institute, the department also runs a Master Degree course, namely, Master of Veterinary Public Health (MVPH).  It also extends Public Health related services viz. Yellow Fever Vaccination (YFV) to the travelers going to Yellow Fever endemic countries in abroad and other services like potability testing of drinking water etc.  The following are the name of the Heads of the Department since its inception.

Sl. No.

Name Tenure


  Dr. K.V. Krishnan

1931 to 1956


  Dr. M.N. Lahiri

1956 to 1961


  Dr. K. Bhaskaran

1961 to 1964


  Dr. R. Sen

1964 to 1970


  Dr. B. Ghosh Roy

1971 to 1979


  Dr. D. Sengupta

1982 to 1983


  Dr.(Mrs.) U. Gupta

1985 to 1986


  Dr. M.S. Das

1986 to 1989


  Dr. D. Pal

1990 to 2012


  Dr. U.K. Chattopadhyay

2012 to till date

Teaching Activities

Regular Diploma/Degree

The department of Microbiology runs a Post Graduate Degree Course, namely Master of Veterinary Public Health (MVPH).  The course is affiliated to the University of Calcutta and the duration of the course is for two academic years.  The MVPH course is to impart both theoretical and practical instructions to the students to enable them to plan, implement and evaluate Public Health Programmes and specially to understand the ecological proximity of man with animals and the influence of animals on human health.

Short courses/training

The department conducts short training courses on the topics related to the microbiological aspects of problems related to Public health.viz. Malaria microscopy, bacteriological study of drinking water etc.

Research activities (Last 5 years)
  1. Isolation and Characterization of Staphylococcus from animal and human samples in and around Kolkata.
  2. Study of Bacteriological Profile of E. Coli with Antibiogram from Human and Animal sources in Singur Block, West Bengal
  3. Study on Knowledge, attitude and practice on zoonosis with special reference to Avian Influenza in a rural area of West Bengal.
  4. Bacteriological study of meat and meat products with reference to aerobic bacteria in and around Kolkata.
  5. A study of prevalence of toxoplasmosis in domestic cats in Kolkata by fecal survey, its public health importance and molecular characterization.
  6. Bacteriological and antimicrobial profile of meat and meat products in Kolkata – A prospective study.
  7. Isolation & identification of Vibrio parahaemolyticus  sp. from salt water & sweet water fish marketed in the city of Kolkata (MVPH Thesis).
  8. Distribution of non-typhoidal Salmonellae in animal foods and animal samples (including poultry) in and around Kolkata (MVPH Thesis).
  9. Identification and characterization of the important zoonotic enteric protozoa in pre-weaned calves in and around Kolkata (MVPH Thesis).
  10. A study on the Microbiological Potability of common street food-drinks marketed in the city of Kolkata.”(MSc. In Applied Nutrition Thesis)
  11. The prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria among pregnant women attending an urban health clinic in Kolkata and their bacterial etiology  –  A cross sectional study (MPH Thesis).
On-going research

A study on the load of Microbial Contamination in Meat Samples sold in the open markets of city of Kolkata with special reference to the detection of Cryptosporidium species (MVPH thesis just submitted).

Services provided
  1. Involved in taking the theoretical classes of all the courses run by the Institute.  The department also takes practical classes of the different courses allotted to the department.
  2. 244 water samples were tested for potability of which 55 were not found fit for human consumption.
  3. 153 & 122 samples were processed in the section of Bacteriology & Parasitology respectively.
  4. A total of more than 4000 culture media of different categories had been prepared and utilized in the year 2013. The Washing Room, Decontamination Room & Sterilization Room were intimately associated in the preparation of these media.
Publications in the Indexed journal (Last 5 years)
  1. A study on the possibility of zoonotic infection in Rota viral diarrhea among calves and buffalo calves in and around Kolkata, India” published in Eur Rev. Med Pharmacol Sci, vol.13, NO-1, 7-11:2009 Nataraju, S.M., Chattopadhyay U.K., Krishnan, T.
  2. Nail Changes and Nail Disorders in the elderly. Indian J. Dermatol 2010:55(3):301-4. Sudhakar Rao.
  3. Seroprevalence and Risk Factors of Toxoplasma gondi in Pregnant women in Kolkata, India, Nibedita Das, D. Pal, Srirupa Pal. Journal of Recent Advances in Applied Sciences 2011:26:27-33.
  4. Antibiotic co-resistance of urinary isolates producing extended spectrum Beta Lactamose in tertiary care hospital in Assam A prospective study. Nebedita Das, A.K. Borthakur, Chronicles of Young Scientists 2011.
  5. Nail changes and nail disorders in the elderly. S. Rao, Indian J. of Dermatology 2011:56(5)603-6.
  6. Antibiiotic co-resistance among extended spectrum beta lactamase producing urinary isolates in a tertiary medical centre: A prospective study”. Chronicles of Young Scientists. 2012. Volume 3, Issue 1. Pages 53-56.  Nibedita Das and A.K. Borthakur.
  7. Seroprevalence and prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in pregnant women and cats in Kolkata, India”. Indian Journal of Veterinary Public Health. 2012 Volume 3, Number 1, Pages 63-68. Srirupa Pal, A.K. Pramanik, Nibedita Das and D. Pal.
  8. AK Borthakur, Nibedita Das, B.J. Bora. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO). National Network Laboratory for Japanese Encephalitis. J. Global Infectious Disease. 2013, Volume 5, Issue 2. Page 76-79.
  9. A paper entitled “A study on the Microbiological Profile of Common Street Food-Drinks Marketd in Kolkata Metropolitan Area” has been presented in the 8th State Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists (IAMM, WB Chapter) during the award session on 22/09/2013.
  10. A study on the microbiological profile of common street food & drinks marketed in Kolkata Metropolitan Area” Proceedings of the UGC sponsored National Seminar on “100 years for the Hypothesis of Vitamin Deficiency Diseases” 25th & 26th Sept. 2013. Sarbani Chowdhury and Dr. U.K. Chattopadhyay.
  1. Seminars on different topic of “Zoonoses” are held regularly.
  2. Dr. U.K. Chattopadhyay had attended the 8th State Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists in September 2013.
  3. Dr. N. Das had participated the National Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists in Hyderabad in November 2013.
Achievements of the Department

TEACHING:   The Department of Microbiology is intimately associated with the teaching activities of the Institute.  In fact, the subject Microbiology is taught in all the courses run by the Institute.  A total of 67 lectures/classes, 31 practical and demonstration classes were taken in 2013, Journal Club activities and Seminars are arranged regularly in the department.

REGULAR  COURSE: The department of Microbiology runs a Post Graduate Course namely Master of Veterinary Public Health (MVPH).  The course is of 2 years duration and affiliated to the University of Calcutta.

RESEARCH: A total of 5 thesis work of the postgraduate students of the Institute had been submitted to the University during 2013.  The topics are related to Microbiology of food, drinks marketed in the city of Kolkata, asymptomatic bacteruria among pregnant mother in Urban Health Centre, the incidence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in fish in the markets of Kolkata, Giadiasis in domestic animals, Non-typhoidal Salmonella in meat samples etc.

YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION: The Department of Microbiology of All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health is a recognized centre of Govt. of India for Yellow Fever Vaccination to the travelers going to Yellow Fever endemic countries abroad.  The department also supplies Yellow Fever Vaccine (YFV) to the Port Health Organization and the Airport Health Organization.  The department caters the Eastern India along with the North-Eastern States for Yellow Fever Vaccination.   In 2013, a total of 920 persons had been vaccinated from the Department of Microbiology.  The department also supplied 1070 and 530 doses of YFV to Port Health Organization and Airport Health Organization respectively.

WATER BACTERIOLOGY:   The department of Microbiology also a recognized centre for bacteriological potability testing of drinking water.  In the year 2013,  244 water samples were tested of which 55 samples were not found fit for human consumption.

  1. Dr. Utpal Kumar Chattopadhyay, MBBS, MD, Ph.D., MNAMS, FIC(Path.), Director-Professor of Microbiology & HOD.
  2. Dr. Atul Raj,  Asstt. Professor.
  • Admission to Master of Veterinary Public Health [MVPH] :
  1.  Application are invited from intending candidates for admission to    the   Master of Veterinary Public Health [MVPH] Course in AIIH&PH affiliated    to University of Calcutta for the session 2015-17. The last date of the receipt of the completed application form at the Institute is 5th June, 2015.  For details of the Course please click here.                                     
  2. To download application form please click here.


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