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Department of Public Health Administration


  1. The Department of Public Health Administration aims to orient the students in public health & principle of management as applied to the field of health.  It covers various administrative techniques such as health service research, planning, organization, evaluation, budget making, health management, system analysis, operational research, health sector reforms, etc.  Besides, providing inputs to all regular courses, the Department conducts a Diploma course in Public Health (DPH) for medical graduates that happens to be the oldest of its kind in India. The DPH course was set up in 1932 to develop much needed public health professionals trained in planning, implementation and management of public health programme for the rapidly expanding health services in the country and abroad.
  2. The department, since its inception, has been involved in various research studies in health system delivery, time motion studies, risks factor studies in all areas including remote tribal areas.
  3. Besides the DPH course, the Department of Public Health Administration is also coordinating the Core course programme of the Institute that includes MD (Community Medicine), Diploma in Maternal & Child Welfare (DMCW), Diploma in Industrial Health (DIH) and Master in Veterinary Public Health (MVPH) courses.

Teaching Activities:

Regular Diploma/Degree Courses:
Diploma in Public Health (DPH)

Degree (Post Graduate); MCI recognized.


Two Year (Full Time)


The West Bengal University of Health Sciences (WBUHS).

Intake Capacity: 10

Short Courses/Training Conducted:

  1. Short course / training on Integrated Vector Management (IVM) for Field Workers of APHO, Dum Dum Airport – 02 sessions.
  2. Professional Development Course (PDC) for District and Sub-district health officials of West Bengal – 03 courses of 10 weeks duration.
  3. WHO fellowship – Short course on ‘Supervision for nursing personnel of North-East Region’.

Service Activities:

  1. Domiciliary Primary Health Care services to families under Chetla Urban Health Centre throughout the year and field training area of students during family care programme.
  2. Clinical Services from Union Health Centres under Rural Health Unit & Training Centre, Singur by DPH students. It is a field practice area of the students’ field training programme.


Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Sadhukhan
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Dr. S. Datta:
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Dr. B. Sengupta
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 Seminars / Conferences / Workshops:

  1. All the faculty members had attended 1-2 conferences per year at state and national levels organized by professional organizations i.e. Indian Public Health Association and Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine and acted as resource persons also.
  2. Faculty members attended Teachers’ Training (at SIHFW, Salt Lake, Kolkata), Training on SPSS (Deptt. of Statistics, AIIH&PH) ; Training on Leadership and Training on Reservation Policy.

Other achievements / activities:

  1. Faculty members worked as Nodal Officers for AIIH&PH Centre for counselling for admission to P.G. Courses as well as U.G. Courses.
  2. Dr. A. K. Mallick attended National Review meeting on Kala-azar Elimination program.
  3. Dr. A. K. Mallick attended National seminar on “World Water Day”.
  4. Dr. A. K. Mallick attended workshop on “Kanyashree Prakolpo”.
  5. Dr. A. K. Mallick attended CME on Railway Medical Service.
  6. B. Sengupta acted as Resource Person on ‘WHO Day’ on 07.04.2010.
  7. B. Sengupta acted as Resource Person and Convener for workshop on Basics of Clinical Research Methods organized jointly by AIIH&PH and School of Tropical Medicine from 31.01.2011 to 05.02.2011.
  8. Dr. B. Sengupta, Dr. N. N. NaskarDr. S. Datta , Dr. A. K. Mallick and Dr. S. K. Sadhukhan delivered Guest Lectures  at various trainings, seminars, conferences, etc.
  9. Review of article for Journals – Total about 30 articles reviewed by the faculty members [25 (twenty five) – Dr. Sadhukhan; 04 (two) – Dr. Datta (4 articles from international journals)].
  10. Dr. Datta participated in scientific discussion in FM Radio, Radio & TV, Panel discussion in Doordarshan and presented paper in international On-line conference .
  11. Research Guides : total about 40 (forty) researches guided.

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Educational Qualification

 Subject/Area of Expertise


Dr. N. N. Naskar

Professor & HOD MBBS, MD(SPM)


Dr. B. Sengupta




Dr. A. K. Mallick




Dr. S. K. Sadhukhan

Associate Professor



Dr. S. Datta Associate Professor


All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health