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Department of Public Health Administration


  1. The Department of Public Health Administration aims to orient the students in public health & principle of management as applied to the field of health.  It covers various administrative techniques such as health service research, planning, organization, evaluation, budget making, health management, system analysis, operational research, health sector reforms, etc.  Besides, providing inputs to all regular courses, the Department conducts a Diploma course in Public Health (DPH) for medical graduates that happens to be the oldest of its kind in India. The DPH course was set up in 1932 to develop much needed public health professionals trained in planning, implementation and management of public health programme for the rapidly expanding health services in the country and abroad.
  2. The department, since its inception, has been involved in various research studies in health system delivery, time motion studies, risks factor studies in all areas including remote tribal areas.
  3. Besides the DPH course, the Department of Public Health Administration is also coordinating the Core course programme of the Institute that includes MD (Community Medicine), Master of Public Health (Epidemiology) & Master in Veterinary Public Health (MVPH) courses.  The Department also conducts short courses like “orientation course on Public Health for Medical Graduates including AYUSH”.

Teaching Activities:

Regular Diploma/Degree Courses:
Diploma in Public Health (DPH)

Degree (Post Graduate); MCI recognized.


Two Year (Full Time)


The West Bengal University of Health Sciences (WBUHS).

Intake Capacity: 10

Short Course/Training/ Workshop:

  1. The department regularly conducts short training course “Orientation course on Public Health for Medical Graduates including AYUSH” usually in the month of November..
  2. The department observes “World Health Day” every year in the 1st week of April.
  3. The department of Public Health Administration has been conducting awareness programme on “Personal and oral hygiene among School children” for last few years.

Service Activities:

  1. Domiciliary Primary Health Care services to families under Chetla Urban Health Centre throughout the year and field training area of students during family care programme.
  2. Clinical Services from Union Health Centres under Rural Health Unit & Training Centre, Singur by DPH students. It is a field practice area of the students’ field training programme.


Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Sadhukhan ( Last Five Years )

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Dr. S. Datta

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Dr. Narendra Nath Naskar ( Last Five Years )

  1. Anand Kishore, Tania Pan, Narendra Nath Naskar Study on knowledge and practice regarding no scalpel vasectomy (NSV) among male members of eligible couples in a rural community of West Bengal, India International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Int J Reprod Contracept Obstet Gynecol. 2018 Aug;7(8):3294-3298.
  2. Bijit Biswas, Narendra Nath Naskar, Rivu Basu, Aparajita Dasgupta, Bobby Paul, Keya Basu Knowledge of the Caregivers of Thalassemic Children RegardingThalassemia: A Cross-sectional Study in a Tertiary Care Health Facility of Eastern India.Iraqi Journal of Hematology ‑ Volume 7, Issue 2, July‑December 2018.
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  7. Naskar N. N,“Some tips for Healthy Computer use for Protection of Health” Ind. J. Hygiene & Public Health,; June : 2015.

 Conference :

Almost all faculty use to attend National & State Conference every year and some faculty presented papers in said conference.

Dr. Narendra Nath Naska

Presented paper in National Conference of IAPSM in Pune.  The paper declared the best paper in particular hall.

Dr. S.K.Sadhukhan

Presented one paper in National Conference of IAPSM which was initially selected in award category.

Dr. S.Datta

  1. On line scientific paper presentation was given at Target Meeting”s 1st World Virology & Microbiology online Conference on 21st April 2012 in Texas USA.  The topic was A comparative study regarding the knowledge and belief of Bird Flu between a rural and an urban slum community of West Bengal India.
  2. One scientific discussion was done regarding vector borne disease in FM radio in 2010 November.
  3. Participated in a Panel discussion on the World Health Day theme in Kolkata Doordarshan DDI chanel of National TV on 7th April 2011.
  4. Delivered a Health talk on Bird flu in a TV Chanel in Imphal Manipur in 2015 April.
  5. One e-poster presented at the 4th International Conference on HIV/AIDS, STDs and STIs held during October 03-05 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA.
  6. E-Poster Participation ” An Epidemiological Study on Diabetes mellitus in a slum of Kolkata City in West Bengal, India ” at the 3rd Annual Congress & Medicare Expo on Primary Health Care held during April 17-19, 2017 in Dubai, UAE.
  7. Participated as a speaker in 5th International Conference on HIV/AIDS and STDs held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from 13th to 15th November 2017.  For details please click here.


The department conducts seminar on various academic issues regularly involving students and faculty.  Usually about 20 seminars organized every year.

Academic Tour:

The faculty & students visit various organization of Public Health importance regularly for practical experience of Public Health activities.


Sl. No



Educational Qualification

 Subject/Area of Expertise


Dr. N. N. Naskar

Professor & HOD MBBS, MD(SPM)


Dr. S. K. Sadhukhan

Associate Professor



Dr. S. Datta

Associate Professor


Research Guides:

Total about 40 (forty) researches guided.

Dr. Narendra Nath Naskar ( Last Five Years )

  1. A cross sectional study of some of the modifiable risk factors for non communicable diseases among college students in an Urban college By Dr. Sanchita Rakshit DIH 2014.
  2. A study of Occupational Stress and work related Musculoskeletal disorders among EMU Local Train Drivers of Eastern Railway By Dr. Parthosarathi Mitra 2013.
  3. A cross sectional Study on Occupational Morbidity Among Agricultural Workers in a Rural Block of West Bengal by Dr. Dhiraj Biswas 2016.
  4. A Study of Substance Abuse among Medical Students of A Medical College Kolkata by Dr. Arindam Datta Dr. Aritra Bhattacharyya et al 2015.
  5. A study on morbidity profile and its Determinants among Bidi Workers in a Block (Farakka) of Murshidabad District West Bengal by Dr. MD. Pial 2017.
  6. A Study on Morbidity Profile of the Shoemakers Working in Footwear Factories in a Slum area of Kolkata by Dr. Swapnodeep Sarkar 2016.
  7. A cross Sectional Epidemiological Study of Quality of Life of Thalassemic Children and their Caregivers : A tertiary care Hospital based study in Kolkata West Bengal by Dr. Bijit Biswas 2018.
  8. A Study on Prevalence of Hypertension & it’s associated Factors among Adolescent School Children ( 12-16 years) in Santragachi Municipal area of Howrah, West Bengal by Sanchari Mukherjee MSc Nutrition 2016.
  9. A Study on the Assessment of Nutritional Status and Physical Activity among College Teachers of selected Colleges of North Kolkata by Sreya Chakraborty MSc Nutrition 2014.
  10. A Study on COPD among above 40 years old male smokers in a municipal area near Kolkata by Sukanti Bhattacharya et al DPH 2013.
  11. A Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practices regarding First Aid Amongst Primary School Teachers in Singur Block, Hooghly, West Bengal By Dr. Sonal Agrawal DPH 2016.
  12. Prevalence of Refractive Error among Students of Secondary Schools in Borsul Block, Burdwan, West Bengal by Dr. Amit Barat DPH 2017.
  13. Study on knowledge and practice regarding no scalpel vasectomy (NSV) among male members of eligible couples in a rural community of West Bengal by Dr. Anand Kishore DPH 2018.
  14. A study on assessment of nutritional status among physically challenged adolescents with cerebral palsy in a special school in Kolkata by Srirupa Guha MSc Nutrition 2014.
  15. A study on metabolic syndrome among students of AIIH&PH by Dr. Parthosarathi MD 2014.
  16. An epidemiological study on metabolic syndrome and its risk factors among adults aged between 18 to 49 years in a ward of Kolkata Dr. Rajarshree Banerjee MD 2018.

Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Sadhukhan (Last Five Yrs)

  1. Morbidity, Health Seeking Behaviour and Health Expenditure in Rural Community of Hooghly District, West Bengal. MD(CM) 2018.
  2. Occupational hazards and morbidity of Garment Factory Workers of East Midnapur district, West Bengal. MD(CM) 2017.
  3. Validation of Indian Diabetic Score in a Rural community of West Bengal. DPH 2017.
  4. A study on Knowledge and Practices of Cooking and Hygiene among Anganwadi Workers and Helpers of Bardhaman Municipality ICDS, Purba Bardhaman District, West Bengal MSc (AN) 2017.
  5. Study on Risk Factor of NCDs with special focus on CVDs and Diabetes prevailing among the employees in NSCBI Airport Kolkata 2017.
  6. Study on Low Birth Weight and its Determinants in a Tertiary Care Centre, Kolkata MD(CM) 2016.
  7. Evaluation of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) in tribal blocks of Bankura district of West Bengal DPH 2016.
  8. A Study on Nutritional status among Post menopausal women of Bishnupur Municipality, Bankura, West Bengal MSc(AN) 2016
  9. A study of the Nutritional Status among Tribal Adolescents in a Village of Nadia District, West Bengal. MSc(AN) 2015.
  10. Assessment of Nutritional Status and Household Food Security of Child Labours in Duttabad Slum of Kolkata MSc(AN) 2015.
  11. A study on Metabolic Syndrome among factory workers in an Industrial area of West Bengal MD(CM) 2014.
  12. Case Control study on Defaulter and its Associates among Newly Diagnosed TB Patients on DOTS in RNTCP, Hoogly District, West Bengal. DPH 2014.
  13. Study on Nutritional Status of Housemaids Residing in Baranagar Municipal Area, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. MSc(AN) 2014.
  14. An evaluation of ICDS Program in a borough of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) MD(CM) 2013.
  15. A study on Morbidity, Health Care Utilization and Health Expenditure in Tarakeswar Block, Hoogly dist. West Bengal DPH 2013.
  16. A study on the Reasons for doing Post graduations in Public Health subjects among new students of AIIH&PH, Kolkata (Ongoing study) 2013.

Dr. Shibani Datta

  1. An epidemiological study on knowledge, attitude and practice of contraceptive among male partners of eligible couples in a slum of Kolkata MD(CM).
  2. Prevalence of RTI among women of reproductive age group in a rural area under Singur Block MD(CM).
  3. A study on health status and occupational differentials among Nurses in a tertiary care hospital in Kolkata MD(CM).
  4. A study on morbidity patter, risk behavior and job related stress among professionals in IT hub, Salt Lake, Kolkata MD(CM).
  5. A comparative study of KAP regarding tobacco use among males above 15 years in a rural and urban community of West Bengal MD(CM).
  6. A study on Assessment of Health status and morbidity profile and its covariants among the fishermen in a coastal area of West Bengal, India MD(CM).
  7. An epidemiological study of anaemia among women in reproductive age group in a slum of Konnagar municipality of West Bengal MD(CM).
  8. A study of morbidity and its determinants among the under 5 children in a rural area of Singur Block DPH.
  9. An epidemiological study of Leprosy in Bankura District, West Bengal DPH.
  10. A comparative  Study  of  knowledge  attitude  and practice of Bird flu  in a rural and urban  area  in West Bengal   India DPH.
  11. A study  on prevalence  of infertility  and its causes in a rural  area  of West Bengal  , India DPH.
  12. A study on  TB  and HIV co infection  in a Tertiary care facility  in  Kolkata  ,  India DPH.
  13. A  study  on Depression  and  its  associated  factors among  the geriatric  population in  a  rural  community of  Singur  Block,  Hooghly  District , West   Bengal DPH.

All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health