Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the executive body of the Institute, which deliberates and decides all academic issues, including the support services for the academic activities. Presently, Director of the Institute is the Chairman of the Council and Dr.Debasish Dutt, Director-Professor, Dean and HOD (PHA) is the Member Secretary. All Head of Departments/Training Centres and the Additional Director, in-charge of the Administration and the Additional Director, in-charge of the B. N. Campus are members of the Faculty Council.

Joint Consultative Machinery

The scheme of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) is a platform for constructive dialogue between the representatives of the staff side and the official side for peaceful resolution of all disputes between the Government as an employer and the employees.

The JCM Scheme provides for setting up of Joint Councils under three tier system – i) National Council at the National level, ii) Departmental Council at each Department / Ministry level, and iii) Office Council at Regional / Office level.

Office Council

This Institute also has an Office Council consisting of both Official Side and Staff Side. The Director of this Institute is the Chairman and the Administrative Officer is the Member-Secretary of the Office Council. The Additional Director of this Institute and the Officer-in-Charges of our three units are members of the Office Council from the Official Side.

There are three recognized Staff Associations in this Institute – i) Hygiene Institute Staff Association (HISA), ii) All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health Employees Union (AIIH&PHEU) and iii) A.I.I.H&P.H Permanent KarmacharySangha (AIIHPHPKS). The Presidents and the General Secretaries of these recognized associations are the Staff Side leaders of the Office Council and the other eight staff members (six from each association) nominated by the respective staff associations are the Staff Side members of the Office Council.

Curriculum Committee

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. Debasish Dutt, Director-Professor, Dean,& HOD, PHA Chairman
2 Dr. Bobby Paul, Professor, HOD, PSM Member Secretary
3 Dr. A.K Mallick, Director-Professor & HOD, MCH Member
4 Dr. S.K Sadhukhan, Director-Professor & HOD, Epidemiology Member
5 Dr. Shibani Lahiri, Director-Professor & HOD, B&N Member
6 Shri Ranjit Kumar Tiwary, Director Professor & HOD , Statistics Member
7 Dr. C.S. Taklikar, Professor & HOD, DHPE Member
8 Dr. Atul Raj, Professor, HOD, Microbiology Member
9 Dr. Amit Banik, Associate Professor & HOD Sanitary Engineering Member
10 Dr. Monalisha Sahu, Associate Professor & HOD (Acting) OH Member
11 Mrs. Kakoli Roy, P.H.N.S Member
12 Dr. Akash Dasgupta, 2nd Year Junior Resident, MD(CM) Students’ Representative
13 Miss Bidisha Maity, 2nd Year student, M.Sc. Applied Nutrition Students’ Representative
14 Miss. Mooli Ganga Lahiri, 2nd Year student, MVPH Students’ Representative

Medical Education Unit

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. Debasish Dutt, Dean, Director-Professor & HOD, PHA Officer-in-Charge
2 Dr. Bobby Paul, Professor & HOD (PSM) and acting HOD (OH) Co-ordinator
3 Dr. R.R. Pati, Director-Professor, Deptt. of PHA Member
4 Dr. S. K. Sadhukhan, Director-Professor, HOD (EPID) Member
5 Dr. Ashok Mallick, Director-Professor & HOD (MCH) and acting HOD (PHN) Member
6 Dr. Chandra Sekhar Taklikar, Professor & HOD (HPE) Member
7 Dr. Atul Raj, Professor & HOD (Microbiology) Member
8 Dr. Shibani Lahiri (Datta), Director-Professor & HOD (B& N) Member
9 Dr. Amit Banik, Assoc. Professor of Microbiology & Acting HOD (SE) Member
10 Dr. Monalisha Sahu, Assoc. Professor & Acting HOD (OH) Member
11 Dr. Rivu Basu, Asstt. Professor, Deptt. of PSM Member

Scientific Advisory Committee

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. Debasish Dutt, Director-Professor, Dean,& HOD, PHA Chairman
2 Dr. C.S. Taklikar, Prof. & HOD, Dept. of HPE Member Secretary
3 Shri Ranjit Kumar Tiwary, Director – Professor & HOD, Deptt of Statistics Member
4 Dr. A.K. Mallick, Dir-Prof., HOD, MCH Member
5 Dr. S.K Sadhukhan, Dir-Prof & HOD, Epidemiology Acting Head SE  Member
6 Dr. Shibani Dutta , Dir-Prof & HOD, HPE Member
7 Dr. Dr. Bobby Paul,  Professor &  HOD, PSM Member
8 Dr. Atul Raj,  Professor & HOD, Microbiology Member
9 Dr. Amit Banik, Assoc. Prof &  Acting HOD, Deptt of S.E. Member
10 Dr. Monalisha Sahu, Assoc. Prof.,  & Acting HOD, Deptt of O.H. Member
11 Dr. S Dasgupta Prof Dept. of PSM, KPC Medical College Member-External
12 Dr. Amit Chakrabarty , ICAM , ICMR, Kolkata Member -External

CPWD Works Execution Committee

Sl. No. Name and Designation Portfolios
1 Mr. Ranjit Kumar Tiwari, Director Professor and HOD, Statistics Chairman
2 Mr. Kuntal Dey Sarkar, B.I. , AIIH & PH, Kolkata – 700 073 Member Secretary
3 Dr. Manas Kumar Kundu, PHS (SAG) Member
4 Dr. Monalisha Sahu, Associate Professor Member
5 DDO (Ex-Officio) Co-opted Member

Library Committee

Sl. No. Name and Designation Portfolios
1  Dr. Ketaki Sharma, CMO-NFSG Chairperson
2 Dr. Sayan Bhattacharya, Asso. Prof. (Micro). Member
3 Dr. Jayita Pal, Associate Prof. (Epid) Member
4 Shri Subhajit Ghosh, SSO, Statistics Deptt. Member
5  Shri Abhishek  Chaturvedy, LIA  Member Secretary

Anti-Ragging Committee

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. Ranjan Das, Director, AIIH & PH, Kolkata Chairman
2 Dr. Debashis Dutt, Dean & HOD (Deptt. of PHA) Member
3 Dr. Bhaskar Sen, Additional Director (Institute proper) Member
4 Dr. Bobby Paul, HOD, Deptt. of PSM Member
5 Mr. Goutam Pal, Sub Inspector, Jorasakho P.S. Member
6 Dr. Ketaki Das, P.H. Relation Officer (WBUHA) Member
7 Dr. Sukanta Dasgupta (parent of Student) Member
8 Mrs. Rehana Khatoon, Councillor , Ward No. 44 Member
9 Miss. Bidisha Maity, M.Sc. Applied Nutrition Student Member
10 Dr. Subhojyoti Mondal, First year MD(CM) student Member
11 Representative of local media (to be finalised) Member

 Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Prof. Madhumita Dobe, Ex-Dean, Director-Professor & HOD, Dept of HPE, AIIH & PH, Kolkata, B4/15 Abhyudoy Housing Cooperative Society, ECTP Phase 4 Kolkata 700 107, Chairperson
2 Prof.  Bobby Paul,  Professor & HOD, Deptt. of  PSM, Member Secretary
3 Dr. Debashis Dutt, Dean, Director-Professor & HOD, Deptt. of PHA, Member
4 Prof. Ashok Kumar Mallick,  Director-Professor & HOD, Deptt. of MCH, Member
5 Dr. R. K. Tiwary, Director-Prof. & HOD, Deptt. of Statistics, Member(Statistician)
6 Dr. Monalisha Sahu, Associate Professor & Acting HOD, Deptt. of OH, Member
7 Ms. Jhuma Sen, Advocate, Calcutta High Court, New Delhi Supreme Court, 14/1B, Palm Avenue, Kolkata – 700 019 ,,, Mob: 98181 05285 Member
8 Dr. Kaushik Basu, Associate-Professor, Deptt. of Rheumatology, Medical College, Kolkata., Mob: 90388 31211 Member (Clinician)
9 Mr. Ram Mandal, Social Scientist, 47/L, Nivedita Sarani, Parnashree, Kolkata – 700 060, Member (Social Scientist)
10 Mrs. Rina Mukherjee, Flat No. AB6, Priyadarshini Apartment, 95 Raja S.C. Mullick Road, Kolkata-700 047,, Mob: 62907 65139 Member (Lay person)

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. Atul Raj, HOD, Microbiology Chairman
2 Dr. Sayan Bhattacharyya, Asst. Prof Member Secretary
3 Dr. Kuladip Jana, CPCSEA Member Member (Outsider)
4 Dr. Amit Banik, Asst. Prof Member
5 Dr. Rohit Raj, Veterinary- Surgeon Member

Internal Complaints Committee

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Sl. No. Name of Officers Portfolios
1 Dr. Sangeeta Kalsa, CMO-SAG & AD-II Chairperson
2 Dr. Monalisha Sahu, Associate Prof., PSM & Acting Head, Dept. of O.H. Member Secretary
3 Smt. Tapoti Bhowmik, SANLAAP India External Member (from NGO)
4 Dr. Rakesh Basak, CMO, RHU & TC, Singur Member
5 Dr. Shwetha Rajeshwari, Asstt. Prof. B & N Member
6 Mrs. Feroza Khatoon, PHN, UHU & TC, Chetla Member
7 Miss Anushree Kundu, Stenographer, O.H. Additional Member ( Nominated by Director)

SC/ST/OBC Grievance Cell

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. A. K. Mallick Chairman

Minority Cell

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. Safique Ahmed Khan, CMO (NFSG), CGHHS Member
2 Dr. Sanjib Das, MO Member

Preventive Vigilance Committee

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. Nandini Bhattacharya, CMO (NFSG), Deptt. of OH Member
2 Dr. Sayan Bhattacharya, Asstt. Prof., Microbiology Member
3 Dr. Rajarshi Chakraborty, M.O, UHU&TC, Chetla Member
4 Dr. Kausik Das, M.O, RHU&TC, Singur Member

Training Cell

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. Debashi Dutt Member Secretary
2 Dr. Sanjay Kr. Sandhukhan Member

Swachh Bharat Mission Committee

Sl. No. Name and Designation Member
1 Dr. Lina Banerjee Member
2 Dr. Nandini Bhattacharyya, CMO (NFSG) Member
3 Dr. Amit Banik, Asstt. Prof. Member

Indian Journal of Hygiene and Public Health

Editorial Board
Chief Editor:
Editor: Dr. D. Dutt
Joint Managing Editor:
Asst. Managing Editor: Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Sadhukhan
Dr. Shibani Dutta Dr. Lina Banerjee
Dr. Rama Ranjan Pati Dr. Shibani Dutta
Dr. C. S. Taklikar Dr.Atul Raj
Dr. Bobby Paul
Advisory Board
Dr. P. K. Sen, Director, NBVDCP
Prof. Jayanta Kumar Das, Director, NIHFW, New Delhi
Dr. Shanta Dutta, Director, NICED, Kolkata
Director, STM, Kolkata

Central Public Information Officer

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Amitava Addy CPIO
2 O.C. UHU&TC, Chetla Asst. CPIO
3 O.C. RHU&TC, Singur Asst. CPIO
4 O.C. B N Campus Asst. CPIO

First Appellate Authority under RTI

Director, AIIH&PH, Kolkata.

Welfare Officer

Dr. Sangeeta Kalsa, CMO (SAG) and Additional Director-II, AIIH & PH , Kolkata

Vigilance Officer

Dr. C.S. Taklikar, Professor,  Department of HP&E

Departmental Canteen Committee

Sl. No. Name Member
1 Dr. Kausik Das, SMO Chairman
2 Shri Subhojit Ghosh, SSO Member-Secretary
3 Shri Subrata Majumder, SSO Member
4 Shri Indranil Bhadra , UDC Member
5 Shri Satish Murmu, Superintendent Member
6 Shri Prabir Kumar Ghosh, MTS Canteen Manager(Acting)
7 Representative, HISA through GS, HISA Member
8 Representative, AIIHPHEU through GS, AIIHPHEU Member
9 Representative, AIIHPHPKS through GS, AIIHPHPKS Member

Hostel Committee

1. Dr. S. Kalsa, CMO Member Secretary    2. Dr. Sanjib Das, SMO Member

Main Campus
1 Sh. Subhojit Ghosh, SSO Member Secretary
2 Dr. M. Bhattacharya, SMO Member
Smt. Batasree Biswas, Lady  Supdt. Member
Bidhan Nagar Campus
1 Dr. Amit Banik, Assistant Professor Member
RHU & TC, Singur

24 X 7 Monitoring Committee

1 Dr. S. Kalsa, CMO Member Secretary & Nodal Officer
2 Sh. A. N. Biswas Member

Grievance Officer

 Shri Subhrajit Sarkar, Senior Statistical Officer, Dept. of Statistics

Condemnation Committee

 Sl. No.  Name  Member
1 Dr.Nandini Bhattacharya, SMO Member
2 Dr. Deepa Shaw, SMO Member
3 Dr. Snigdha Basu Member

Drone Technology in Healthcare Project

Sl. No. Name & Designation Charges allotted for
 1  The Officer-in-Charge, RHU & TC, Singur Chairman
2 Dr. Rivu Basu, Assistant Professor (PSM) Nodal Officer
3 Dr. Harikrishna BN, PHS Gr.III Assistant Nodal Officer
4 Sh. M. N. Rao, HA(M) Member
5 Ms. Nabanita Giri, HW(F) Drone Didi