Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the policy making executive body of the Institute which deliberates and decides all academic issues including the support services for the academic activities.  

The present composition of the Faculty Council is as follows:

Sl.   No.
1 Dr. Ranjan Das Director –  Chairman
 2 Dr. Debashis Dutta Director-Professor, Dean &   HOD (PHA)- Member Secretary
3 Dr. Bhaskar Sen  Additional Director(Main) – Member
4 Dr. Monalisha Sahu Associate Professor & HOD (Occupational Health) – Member
 5 Dr. S K Sadhukhan Professor & HOD (Epidemiology) – Member
6 Shri R K Tiwary Director-Professor & HOD (Statistics) – Member
7 Dr. C S Taklikar Professor & HOD (DHPE) – Member
8 Dr. A. K. Mallick Director-Professor & HOD (Maternal Child Health) – Member
9 Dr. S Dutta Professor & HOD (Bio-Chemistry & Nutrition) – Member
10 Dr. A Banik Associate Professor & HOD (Sanitary Engineering) – Member
11 Dr. Atul Raj  Professor and HOD (Microbiology) – Member
12 Dr. Bobby Paul Professor and HOD (Preventive and Social Medicine) – Member 
13 Dr. Deepa Shaw OC (B. N. Campus) –  Member
14 Dr. A Dan AD, UHU & TC, Chetla – Member
 15 Dr. A K Biswas OC, RHU & TC, Singur – Member