Water Testing Facilities

The Institute, through its B. N. Campus, provides water testing facilities on 16 parameters. One may contact, Dr.  Atul Raj, HOD, Department of Microbiology (Phone No.: 033-23353232).

Water Testing Instructions & Proforma: for Details click here

FAQ on Water Testing

FAQ about Water bacteriology testing

Q.1: What is water bacteriology and why is it required?

Ans. It is a series of lab tests to detect the presence of coliforms or fecal bacteria specifically Faecal Escherichia coli in drinking water. The test is used to detect contamination of potable drinking water by sewage or any other route which can lead to water borne illness.

Q.2: Where is it done?

Ans. It is done in the Department of Microbiology, All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health, Bidhan Nagar Campus, 27 & 27 B, J.C. Block, Sector III, Saltlake-700106 (Near Tank No.14).

Q.3: When are samples accepted in the department?

Ans. Samples are received in a prescribed format of the department from Monday to Wednesday during working hours after prior appointment.

Q.4: How to collect water sample and in which container?

Ans. Glass bottles dedicated for testing are provided from the Microbiology Department to the persons requesting for the test. Our technical staff will guide about the exact procedure to collect water aseptically.

Q.5: How many days are required for this test to complete?

Ans. It takes 3-5 days for test to complete and report.

Q.6: Whom to contact for testing?

Ans. Dr Atul Raj, Head of the department, may be contacted on following no.s:

033- 23353232 & 033-23359858;


anyone can email at dratul09@gmail.com

Q.7: Which parameters are checked in this water bacteriology testing?

Ans. Two tests are done, Presumptive coliforms test (PCT) followed by Eijkman test or confirmatory test.

Q.8: What are the charges for water bacteriology testing?

Ans. For Government organizations Rs. 1000/- and for Private organizations Rs. 2000/- are charged per water sample through demand draft in Favor of Director, AIIH&PH, Kolkata.

Q.9: Are any other tests conducted for water samples in this Institute?

Ans. Yes, the Sanitary engineering department conducts chemical analysis (e.g. Turbidity, Iron, Arsenic, Nitrate etc) of water samples on request.