Work Allocation

 Sl. No.  Item of Work Assigned To
Name Designation
1 Overall Supervision and Guidance, and Functions of HOD under GFR 2005 and DFPR 1978. Dr. Ranjan Das Director
2 All Academic Issues Dr. D. Dutt Dean
3 All Administrative Issues Dr. Bhaskar Sen Additional Director
4 All Accounts Matter Dr. Bhaskar Sen Additional Director
5 Administration, B N Campus. Dr. Deepa Shaw OC
6 Overall in-charge of RHU&TC, Singur. Dr. Ananda Biswas  OC
7 Overall in-charge of UHU&TC, Chetla. Dr. Amitabha Dan Consultant Public Health Specialist, OC
List of Head of Departments
8 Department of Bio-Chemistry and Nutrition Dr. Shibani Dutta Professor
9 Department of Environmental Sanitation and Sanitary Engineering Dr. Amit Banik Associate Professor
10 Department of Epidemiology Dr. S K Sadhukhan Director-Professor
11 Department of Health Promotion & Education Dr. C S Takilikar Professor
12 Department of Maternal and Child Health Dr. A. K. Mallick Director Professor
13 Department of Microbiology Dr. Atul Raj Assistant Professor
14 Department of Occupational Health Dr. Monalisha Sahu Associate Professor
15 Department of Preventive and Social Medicine Dr. Bobby Paul Assistant Professor
16 Department of Public Health Administration Dr. Debashis Dutta Director-Professor
17 Department of Public Health Nursing Dr. A. K. Mallick Director-Professor
18 Department of Statistics Shri Ranjit K. Tiwary Director-Professor